3 Tips For Self Care During COVID 19

          I remember when I first heard about corona virus earlier this year and people weren't really taking it seriously because there was an another Nation. We never thought that the year would turn out to be the way that it has been. There has been a lot of changes that have affected us in one way or another. One of the most trending topics on Google right now is self care. As well as decluttering, as a lot of people have had to be laid off for teleworking do to COVID-19. Many people are going through grieving processes as they are losing friends and family to this pandemic. Never in a million years that I think this would call attention to our lack of self-care as a nation as well as in the world over the past few months. I have been consistently reading and studying about self care tips and tricks that we can use right where we are. This is the perfect time to work on ourselves as individuals as well as a society. These three important ways to practice self-care according to the field of Psychology and are growing more popular each day.
  1. Stress is when something happens to knock off our regular routine of things. We can become so used to doing things a certain type of a way that we forget to use other aspects of our ability. Establish a routine. This could be anywhere from your morning routine to your general daily way of doing things. Establishing routine can mean anything from organizing your space and setting it up to be a place of rest. This could mean doing something daily for 21 days to ensure that it sticks to your routine. And this can also mean taking away some things that interrupt your daily routine such as social media. Do you know how much time you spend on these applications??
  2. Self Care care can involve other people. Taking a look at your social circle and really evaluating the people that you have around you is really important. As we have scroll through social media at the beginning of the pandemic and also during the protests injustice, we see that people have been in arguments and have lost friendships. There is no better time than now to evaluate those we have around us. You definitely want to make sure that you are surrounding yourself with love as well as with people who are there to help you grow
  3. As we are growing in our technology people are moving further and further away from reading. It is absolutely vital to our brain to read more. The average person reads less than 7 minutes a day. But how can that be when we are consistently on our social media profiles have you noticed how many times you'd rather watch a video than to read an article.When was the last book that you read? Have you ever set a goal to read so many books in a month? There are many authors who have written about things that we may be going through such as wellness, mental health, family, and you guessed it, self care. It also doesn't hurt to get lost in a fantasy book. Make it a point to try to read more book this year. Remember most of what we hear so maybe try and audio book if reading isn't your cup of tea!!
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