5 Reasons Spiritual Health Is Effective In Your Everyday Life

When you are asked to name some dimensions of health, it is fairly easy to answer aspects like Physical, Social, and Financial Health. It’s almost automatic as if we don’t even need more than 5 seconds to list it down. These are the aspects we see and interact with every day. The exposure to its tangibility made its way to our subconscious. However, there is one dimension of health that might have been always overlooked. Can you guess what it is? Spiritual Health. Meaning, faith, morals, and purpose are some words that describe Spirituality but do not define its totality. No matter how you define your Spirituality, we can all agree that it revolves around all our values and beliefs. It is something that cannot truly be defined using a specific word but rather felt within the depths of our emotions. It is the force that gives us a sense of purpose, the empowerment of having a sense of identity that even a speck of dust in the universe can play a role in the links of our lives. There are a lot of benefits to being in touch with your Spiritual self. However, only a small number of people give time and effort in taking care of their Spiritual Health. Some do not even bother to look into their Spiritual capacities despite the numerous testimonials about its relevance in an individual’s journey in life. Here are 5 Reasons Spiritual Health is Effective in your everyday life: Birthplace of your values "What defines you?" -- a 3-word question that has us reflecting what we’ve been up to all these years we’ve been alive. Values and beliefs are factors that compose our Spiritual Health and make it play a significant role in defining us as individuals. This alignment of our values and everyday decisions helps us realize the ideals that can lead us to a purposeful goal. It is like a journey that one takes when trying to understand and give meaning to their existence. “1 Peter 2:2-3, Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.” This inner journey amongst ourselves revolves around a series of introspection that helps us know who we are beyond the superficial elements we see in front of a mirror. It’s a relationship with the Self where you can foster your faith without holding back. Our Spiritual Health leads us to the sanctuary of our beliefs thus helping us see what we truly value in life. Foundation of your personality The personality of an individual is determined based on the different factors and elements that make them whole. Figuring out the totality of one's self takes years or even a lifetime. Our Spiritual Health propels the journey to find the set of values we are looking for and deem ideal in life. Once found, we stick to those values and affect the way we create our beliefs. Our beliefs then greatly influence our decisions and how we choose our output -- the way we communicate and do things. These series of processes creates and molds the Foundation of our Personality. We use this personality in creating bonds and improving our relationships. It is the same thing that helps us put together words and help others see through our eyes, our experiences, and desires. The ideals and goals we have chosen in life become evident in the way we behave and interact with other beings and therefore define our personalities. How would you like others to describe you? What traits would you like to hear if the people around you were tasked to give a word that best suits your personality? Our Spiritual Health helps us uphold these set of values in life and carry them throughout simple and complex situations in our lives. The thoughts we create and the value-based decisions we make help in describing our personality. It is a big part of how we create our reality as it has an immanent effect on the way we look at problems and triumphs in life. 3. Steadiness in a crisis In movies, we see heroes beaten up badly by the villains that bring them unto the verge of losing. We see them suffer, bleed, and with nowhere to go, but in the end, we know in our minds that they will always prevail. We are always assured because no matter how hard each circumstance that heroes are facing, they always have their trump card. A superpower that all heroes have, a strong will to prevail. A fighting spirit that they hold on to until their last breath. We as individuals may or may not be aware of this great strength we possess within. It may go far deep down, even into our subconscious, waiting to be ignited and triggered. This will help us survive and the deluging waves of crisis. Being in touch with our Spirituality allows for reflection that enables us to summon such strength. The nurturing of our Spiritual Health helps us tap this tremendous will power to live our values through difficult battles. It helps us build the resilience we need to endure any kind of doubt, misery, distraught, and uncertainty we may face ahead. Recalling our values and faith through a Spiritual awakening makes us realign our beliefs and refocus ourselves only on the things that truly matter. It keeps us steady towards our goal and helps us stay on the path we have chosen to take. 4. Transcend emotional volatility We are all human beings, and it is in our nature to think, feel, process, and react. Our thoughts and emotions work with synchronization to help us grasp the reality of our circumstances and gives us the ability to respond appropriately. The strength we exhibit in such instances helps us develop stronger bonds and hold meaningful relationships. Our unique individuality does not live by the same rules and sets of beliefs. Nonetheless, as human beings, we all have identical instincts that were developed through time and history. Our ancestors from way back at the beginning of time had to survive based on what made sense to them. They unintentionally passed this onto succeeding generations who now possess these traits and instincts deeply rooted into their bones and personas. Today, these instincts have been reformed in ways applicable to our current situation. The world and what is considered "normal" may evolve right before our eyes, but more often than not, we are too busy to notice it changing. One can get comfortable with its reality in one second, then become overwhelmed with its extreme changes in the next. Spirituality can be vital in keeping composure in such situations. When you meditate, your mind rids of all that is not important to you. It helps you refocus on your journey in life instead of the negativity that the changes around you may bring. Some reasons why people tend to be emotionally volatile: Our inner beliefs are challenged by external factors including people with differing values. The people you encounter come from different walks of life. Various bases such as social demographics, education, household traditions, personal experiences, and other factors have made them who they are. You will always differ from them one way or another, thus giving them a different point of view. Sometimes, you will find more sense in how others see and live life; deem it more fitting to your taste and ideals. Realizing how their beliefs differ from yours may lead to self-doubt and make you vulnerable to changing some of yours as well. It may require more time and reasoning, but it is not always a bad thing to change your beliefs and values. Change is inevitable, and thus, a recurring part of life. That is what makes Spirituality essential in surviving your day to day journey. We are blessed to be provided with Spirituality that helps us combat certain emotional sensitivity through emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. When you pause to think and reflect, it becomes easier to understand that letting go of the things you have no control of is better for inner peace. May it be through methods of Meditation or a dedicated time to be with oneself, the chance to create personal connection ripples through our reality. 5. Beneficial for overall health Just like a series of circles that overlap one another, the Dimensions of our Health are linked to each other in ways that we might not notice. Our Holistic Health is not a stand-alone circle that functions independently. It is the intertwining of all our aspects that defines our overall health. We compensate for our vulnerability through the strength of other aspects supporting us live with balance. Whenever we feel Physically drained we can count on our Spiritual Health to help us remember why we do the things that we do and therefore gives us the courage to pursue. There may be times that we are emotionally exhausted and can’t even find a single drop of optimism but we can rely on our Spiritual Health to channel through our thoughts and give us a boost by giving us a clear reminder of what we value in life. When we do the things we do and it becomes repetitive, we may lose touch of our inspiration and our motivation. We may not be able to see the benefits of doing essential tasks -- it becomes a chore. Living has become a chore, waking up has seemed to become a task masked with ungratefulness. When we can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, our Spiritual Health lightens up our way back to find a meaningful path we have long lost and forgotten. When we nurture our Spirituality through an emotional and spiritual retreat, we get in touch with our real selves, our genuine self that may have been deluded and not manifested within our reality due to the ever-changing demands of society. It’s not your fault. It’s not our fault. We are human beings capable of such complexity, the highs, and the lows. Our Spirituality won’t be taken away from us. We can only nurture it to find a better understanding and help us achieve our goals together with our Physical and Emotional well-being. Spiritual health helps us dig through an overwhelming mine to find the greatest treasure we can find… The purpose of our being.

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