5 Ways to Hear God's Voice

Even as he spoke, many put their faith in him.
After I got saved at the age of 15 I often wondered how the Saints around me could say that they heard a word from God, or that they received a message from him. I would wait anticipating to hear whatever these people heard. If you are like me  you probably ask the questions:
What did he sound like?
When does he talk to them?
How do I know if he could hear my voice?
These questions wrapped around until I instantly fell back into my old ways. Maybe I was doing it wrong. So about a year later I went ahead and told the members of my church that I wanted to be baptized. Thinking this may be the way I could start hearing God's voice. I immediately immersed myself into the word of God. I started trying to look up scriptures and ways to hear God's voice on the internet. This verse came to me.
"Even as he spoke, many put their faith in him.
Jesus spoke to a great number of people. Even people who did not believe in him could hear him. Was it because he was a great speaker? Was it because he spoke loudly? No, it was because they had faith in him. Back then they didn't have the internet or a physical Bible to look at. They had to believe the things that he was saying. And they believe the things that he was saying because he spoke the truth of God. He spoke with authority.
So how can a renewed person of Christ begin to hear God's voice?
1. You have to read your word.
   I can't begin to tell you how important this is. I kept hearing people tell me this but the truth was I did not read as much as I should have. These days with so much media going on and so many distractions you have to physically find and make time to read and study the word of God. Which goes along with my next point.
2. You have to have faith the size of a mustard seed.
   The faith that you must have has to be the size of a mustard seed. If you've ever seen how small a mustard seed is it is incredibly tiny. But the taste of mustard if he's ever had it is extremely great. This means that your faith no matter how big or small it is has to be great. About as great as you have faith that your next breath is going to be there. Or just like you have faith that when you go to sit in the chair it is going to stay and hold your weight. To have faith in the things that you read means that you take it in, digested, and you live by this faith. Because many of us may read something or see something on the Internet and then go research whether it is true, this does not show faith. It means that you would read the word and live and talk about it as if it is incredibly true to you.
3. You have to develop a prayer life.
    Anytime you develop a relationship with someone that you love can't stop talking about it. It is new, it is amazing, and it is all that you Rave about. often when you have a relationship with someone you feel the need to talk to them almost every day. This is the way we have to treat God the one who created and orchestrates our life. Then we can't see him, we have faith that he is there. He is there to listen to us, he is there to wipe our tears, and he is there to give us the strength when we don't have it. Even the strengths that it takes to uphold a faith in today's society
4. You have to meditate.
    Meditation can mean a number of things to people. Meditation can look like a person sitting with their legs crossed on a rug making humming noises. Or meditation could look like you going about your everyday business thinking over and over again about the conversation that you had. When you read God's word meditating on it means that you apply it to your everyday life in your mind. what we think is what we are so imagine living your life according to God's word because you meditate on it all the time. imagine you sitting and talking to him by a tree and him responding to you. What would he say?
5. Build relationship with other believers.
      Building a relationship with other believers helps you to strengthen the voice that you need to hear. When you think God is trying to show you something talking to other believers about what you think can help you create a dialogue that'll help you with your problem. It help you meditate more. It can also help build the healthy relationships neccessary for growth in the Lord. 
Don't be discouraged when you can't hear from him. Ask him to show you how to tone down some of the noise in your life so that you can catch his voice Wherever You Are!!!
Noticed him in the little things that you do. And make sure to write down the things that you are praying about so that when they come to fruition you can understand that he hears you.

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