How to Destroy 2020 Post Holiday Blues

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We are all looking forward to celebrating something and having quality time for ourselves and our beloved families. We are going through this pandemic, and this made parties and other celebrations prohibited, and definitely, this pandemic made most of us work hard to attain a sustainable, and comfortable life this year.

Gladly, during these Holidays we’ve had some time to pause the inevitable stresses and pressures we had through-out the year. Holidays are so much fun! During Holidays we can relax and bond with our family, and catch up with their lives.

Who would not miss the Holiday feeling? The smell of the food served by your mother, the cracking of the gift wrapper as your nieces open their gifts, and the laugh of your father echoes in the hallway.

During the Holidays, we can spend some quality time with our family, we can eat dinner and catch up with our family’s lives. Also, we can pause from the exhaustion from our every day busy lives.

After a long and fun holiday, we must all return to our daily to-dos. Here are a few tips on how to overcome your Post-Holiday blues

Catch up with friends

“A good friend is a connection to life — a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in an insane world.” — Lois Wyse, Women Make the Best Friends: A Celebration

We are busy with our lives, and some people are no longer able to communicate with their friends.

We’ve been with our families, and after the celebration, it is a great time to have some time with your friends. Chitchats of how our lives have been going and how we made the most out of the holidays can be the best topic that we can have to ease the hankering feeling to be with your loved one again.

We can catch up while sipping coffee at the coffee shops. We can also catch up virtually.

Also, you can try to plan some short or long get-away weekend with your friends. Building a bond with your friends is also a way to escape and relieve the stress we have.

Friends are someone that we can share our thoughts. Upon having a social moment with definitely east your Post-Holiday Blues.

Schedule time for fun

Planning does not mean that you will do the travel right away. It is always fun to feel exuberant for trips once more!

You may want to plan something fun after the holiday to ease the sadness that you are feeling. Remember, the more the merrier! So you may include your friends and colleagues to do the fun and bond together.

Who said that fun is for kids? Try simple board games like scrabbles, Jenga, or you may try cool adult playgrounds like Laser-gun playground. Adults can play and have fun too!

You can also try online games for a fun time. However, you might want to turn on your mic so that you will be able to communicate with your buddies!

This will not just help you stop the post-holiday blues as this bond might also help you build a much stronger relationship.

Keep busy during the final days of your travel

Make your Holiday travel a good memory to remember!

Since it is Holiday and you are with your family, why not make the most out of it? Try helping your mother cook dinner, and helping your family to plan Holiday games for your family bonding. You may also try preparing your specialty so that your family will be able to taste your best dish, you may also help your father keep your goods in place while chatting with each other.

You might also want to reminisce about your childhood memories by going back to your photo albums. This is also a good way to have your family quality time.

Before going back to your busy life, you might want to try asking your family to visit some places in your town. Do not forget your camera, as this is a good souvenir to capture those golden moments!

Start taking care of yourself

Taking care of your body is another way of saying I love you to yourself.

Taking care of yourself does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money on your face and your body. Eating healthy food and treating your body right is also a way of taking care of yourself.

Every day we eat, and the best way to take care of ourselves is to take care of what you put inside your body! You may start taking care of yourself by learning how to cook, and by learning how to properly give your body the nutrients that it needs.

Also, try having a body massage, this is a prize for making it out through the year. This is not just a way to pamper yourself but also to relax your body muscles and skin.

You can also try going back to the gym. You were out of your diet during this Holiday, and going back to the gym is also helping your body to be healthy while partying with your favorite music.

Exercise makes our body healthier, tougher. Walking 1 hour each day can help you burn some calories and, in turn, lose weight. Christmas day, New year’s day and any other celebration could cause constipation, High blood pressure as it is most likely that we will be eating too much.

Travel in your backyard.

Keep yourself busy to overcome the blues while keeping your backyard pretty!

Putting landscapes in your backyard will add beauty and home ambiance to your place. Do not worry as there are a lot of websites that give ideas on how to decorate our backyard.

You may want to join social media groups that share their ideas and the steps on making your backyard pretty. Also, you may try to create crafts that could make your backyard appealing. Like putting lanterns to the tree in your yard, planting some beautiful flowers or vegetables if you are a vegetable lover, or putting a mini house at the top of the tree, and many more.

It is also nice to smell the flowery morning breeze at the start of the day. Imagine, opening your window and smelling the scent of flowers and fresh air. Nothing beats a good day with a great head start.

The sudden longing feeling is normal, and it is okay to feel sad. You can have feelings about it, but you should not let that feeling ruin the fun that you should experience after that.

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