Mistakes People Make Using Positive Affirmations

Why Use Positive Affirmations?

         Can you recall a time when you worked on yourself in an area of your life that you knew you had consistent problems with, only to end up telling yourself this isn't working? Whether it's an area of your relationships, finances, or more importantly yourself. If you can think of a time, or maybe even a few times oh, let me be one of the ones to tell you that you are not alone. This kind of negative self-talk, and yes it is negative self-talk, was a driving factor in the creation of positive affirmations. The things we tell ourselves on a minute-by-minute basis create the reality that we currently live in. Saying things like this isn't working for me or I will never be able to accomplish this, are just the smallest subliminal things we think that has a great impact on our outcome of life, and hope. There are many books and blogs about using affirmations and self-development to retrain our mindset. While using positive affirmations sounds like a great idea many people fail at using them effectively.
For Example: 
            Imagine meeting someone who consistently makes negative comments about themselves or about their work? You constantly try to encourage them by bringing up the positive aspects of what they're doing or who they are. Only for them to respond by giving up and downplaying your comments.
Believe it or not we do this to ourselves everyday!



          Anytime you are trying to teach yourself something new, you have to realize that you are also ending a relationship with your old ways. Sometimes this alone can be intimidating. So a lot of people don't even bother trying to learn a new skill. It's easier to give up before you even start, right? Wrong! When something comes into our mind it is like a seed. This thought did not happen by accident. Which means that it may come back in some fashion or form to hunt you again, and again, until you do something about it. The trouble with procrastinating in itself is a negative self thought. Often thinking it's easier to do nothing, or not to begin at all is something that is taught by habit.

Positive affirmation for procrastination:

"For today I am committed to concentrating all of my efforts on my goal"



           You often hear professional say it takes at least 21 days to unlearn a bad habit, and to learn a new habit. To do something by habit means to be consistent. The truth is life does not always go according to plan. And often this will be the reason why a person gets thrown off tasks, and out of their goals. A common mistake people make while practicing positive affirmations, is a lack of consistency in habits. You can physically do something daily, but if you aren't paying attention to your mind set on purpose while doing the physical things, you run the risk of distraction and getting thrown out of your habit.

Positive Affirmation For Consistency:

" I am making steady progress, and when I get off track, I create better choices and action to reach my goal" 


             Can you guess how many thoughts go through our mind in one day? We're just going to say a lot! But it seems the ones that are negative are the loudest. This allows us to be hyper focused on the negative aspects of our life and our thoughts. This type of distraction is another big mistake that we fall into when creating positive affirmations and using them. The first thing that I often tell people when they are creating their positive affirmations list, is not to focus on all of them at the same time. I would often see people make a dream board, or a notebook full of positive affirmations to repeat daily. Mini podcast, videos, and even books I've read would recommend writing a list of positive affirmations down and reading the entire list day by day. But which ones are you focusing on? There is already enough things distracting us and filling our mind, why stress yourself even more? The best way to combat distracting yourself, is to focus on one affirmation until you master it. Again this brings us back to the 21-day rule. It doesn't hurt to have a good support system, notes around the house, or some type of a daily mantra, for your one affirmation off of your list.

Positive affirmation for affirmations:

"I am making good choices for myself"

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