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History of Co Dependency

It’s not impossible to beat it, treat yourself as a friend and stop comparing yourself to others and being insecure. Comparison can cause you to be sad. If you’re not happy wherever you are these days, it will not say something about how you’ll become two to three years from now. Remind yourself of what you’ve got, like sensible friends, a happy family, and healthy life. 

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Do You Have Addictive Behaviors?

Are there any negative consequences? Love, Shopping,Video Gaming, Eating, Internet/Social Media Usage, Exercise. All of which feel so good, that we reach for them when we are feeling bad. The immediate reaction to pain is to get right out of it, fast. So we build compulsions to the behavior. It is a learning style that builds over time. The urges that are built can then lead to cravings. The cravings feel like hunger which turns into the inability to restrain yourself. Your life is then set up around the addiction.

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What Getting Laid Off Taught Me about Resilience

I had to think about my three babies, my home I just purchased only five months prior to this termination, and other aspects of my life that were dependent on this job. I had to switch my mind to a problem solving entity and not one that stores up the negative information and thoughts i'd had.

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