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Why Intent 2 Heal?

Intent 2 Heal is focused on helping you striving forward through times that seem almost impossible to strive through. We ultimately recognize that there are moments that we just want to give up and sit down. We found that there are more than just the tools that we know about to use during those moments.🗝️🔒            Being intentional is one thing, acting on your intention is where we meet you! We have been so used to driving others with our creative forces that we have seen many lives changed just over the course of short conversations. We don't just sit down and talk about ourselves or our experience. We carefully and meticulously analyze where a person is in...

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3 Tips For Self Care During COVID 19

          I remember when I first heard about corona virus earlier this year and people weren't really taking it seriously because there was an another Nation. We never thought that the year would turn out to be the way that it has been. There has been a lot of changes that have affected us in one way or another. One of the most trending topics on Google right now is self care. As well as decluttering, as a lot of people have had to be laid off for teleworking do to COVID-19. Many people are going through grieving processes as they are losing friends and family to this pandemic. Never in a million years that I...

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