What Getting Laid Off Taught Me about Resilience

The number one thing to remember ...

Don't ever doubt the Lord's timing. We can never do anything to make Christ have some sort of a revenge on us. A lot of people feel like when bad things happen to them it is a consequence of their own actions. While this can be true, God is ultimately the author and finisher of our faith. The best way to kick that mindset is remembering to fall back in line with what His will is for your life. As long as He's waking you up day by day, you are on the right path with opportunity to get into His perfect plan for you..

Now, welcome to my situation.  

  I'd been working at the hospital for almost 10 years. Never did I have such serious problem that would indicate that this day was coming. And boy it was one of the biggest shocks of my life to see my manager and my boss from  the corporate office visit my small office that day. A part of me was embarrassed to see them coming through the door, but then, I couldn't think of any other reason as to why they would be there. They stood next to me as I wrapped up my final patient's scheduling. They said in a very serious tone for me to grab all my things and to meet with them in the back office. It felt like everything after that went so quickly. I had seen it on TV, I've read people on social media post about it, but never have I experienced someone telling me that I was being terminated. So many thoughts ran through my head!

'What did I do wrong?'

'I stayed late often to get work done! Did I do it wrong!?'

I simply asked them ‘Was this a joke!?’

They seemed to shuffle trying to identify the reason they were letting me go.They told me to grab my things and to turn in my badge as they walk me to an elevator where good more than five security officers per protocol. I’d work at this hospital since I was active duty military. as a military child I have been at this place Longer than any other place I've visited in my life. I built a lot of relationships from senior officers to the janitorial staff. I was embarrassed and my feelings were hurt. I can barely remember the drive home, but I do remember crying so hard I couldn't see. I was someone who really loved my job. Some people thought it was crazy because I would hear them complain About this or that. Even when I was active duty military my focus was always the patients that I met in mental health. the beginning of me recognizing how resilient I was started on this day. If it weren't for my business partner and close friends, I can imagine myself filling up my pillow with tears that night. Yet, I notice that I had the tools to bounce back from this setback which majorly affected my life. here are some tips for what I use:


Take the moment for what it was.


This is a moment in your life that is coming to or has come to a close.one of the hardest facts about reality is that no matter how something happens it happens. The other part about reality is that we must take away the idea of “This can't happen to me!” but the best realization is that there are so many tools out there for resiliency. Sometimes we don't get the answer to the questions ‘what if?’ or ‘why?’. Dwelling on a situation or even picking on yourself can be more damaging then just taking the moment for what it is. if it is a sad moment, a devastating moment, embarrassing or catastrophic, we must take it in and understand that as we move forward it will be a part of the past


Go ahead and have your party.


And no, I don't mean the I'm going to drink myself into a state of forgetting everything that just happened to me, kind of party. I'm talking about a pity party. I’m talking about having those moments where you just scream into your pillow or any other safe method of expressing the deep-rooted emotion that you feel at that moment.

The reason why it's important to throw yourself this party is because we can self-destruct.

A lot of us like to say that we're introverted or that we don't like expressing our feelings to other people.so this step is important. This stuff is where you analyze what and who you have around you. This stuff is where you analyze your methods of release. And if you've never had a catastrophic event happen to you, well, this is a great time for you to set up your plan if things don't go according to your timing and routine.

My party happened when my business partner came immediately over to my house after I let her know what happened. She drove me around and we went to the park to talk. Just a change of scenery helped me to take a step back and think about what my next move was going to be.

Look for the possibilities.

Looking for the possibility was a gift that was given to me that I'm sharing with you. While the situation was in the back of my mind, after this step I was able to return home and pulling from all the positives that I had in my life.

While I agree some pity parties may last longer than others, a lot of times we must get back to the grind.

Sometimes we don't have the time to stop and grieve the loss of something or someone. This is where it's important to keep good mentorship, advisors, coaches, and friendships around you. I personally have one friend who is resourceful when it comes to financial situations and home ownership. This is one friend I would call when I thought everything was about to fail. She would pull out so much research and facts that would ultimately help me to check my catastrophic thoughts.

As a human being we like to be comfortable. At times a person can feel comfortable living in a negative mindset or even powerful as they express this negative mindset. Feeling angry does give us power but it does in fact lower our I.Q. How can we make proper and healthy decisions at that point?

I had to think about my three babies, my home I just purchased only five months prior to this termination, and other aspects of my life that were dependent on this job. I had to switch my mind to a problem solving entity and not one that stores up the negative information and thoughts i'd had. And thankfully that walk in the park gave me just enough time to vent, reorganize and look at the possibilities rather than the problem.    

I teach so many more tips and tricks for all kinds of situations that we have to be resilience about. From the endings of relationships to financial struggles, you name it. If it is a life event it is possible to become a resilient or stronger individual

I created the Resiliency Mini course on our website at www.intent2heal.com .These are things that I gathered up over the course of 10 years of mental health work and experience in my walk with Christ.

Hebrews 12:3 – For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

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