Why Intent 2 Heal?

When Sabrina and I met almost five years ago we had no idea that our lives would lead us to such success!

            A business where we get to focus on doing what we love to do!🥰 Something that we have been doing for almost 10 years! We decided that between the both of us and we were creative enough and honed a lot of experience both spiritually and in the field of mental health to start coaching!!🙌🏾

 People will often look at us and think that we are sisters. We are at a point in our friendship now where we call ourselves such.

         We will often call each other on the phone as we are working on the business just to discuss family things. Between the both of us we have six children. So, between working and being college students, the prestige of our home lives will sometimes overwhelm us. As you could imagine working in mental health, we were having to practice what we preach!

        The very moment we received our LLC for our business we started to experience some spiritual hits. The very issues that we wanted to teach about were the very ones that were being challenged in our lives from the very beginning.😲 😲 We both didn't realize until we talked to each other that we were going through so much. And that is when we realize our business means more than just us creating an income for ourselves and our families. We started to find creative and outstanding ways to reach our goals regardless of the situations happening around us, together. And the joy was immeasurable!!

             This became a Spiritual Revolution with Revelation!!

          Intent 2 Heal is focused on helping you striving forward through times that seem almost impossible to strive through. We ultimately recognize that there are moments that we just want to give up and sit down. We found that there are more than just the tools that we know about to use during those moments.🗝️🔒

           Being intentional is one thing, acting on your intention is where we meet you! We have been so used to driving others with our creative forces that we have seen many lives changed just over the course of short conversations. We don't just sit down and talk about ourselves or our experience. We carefully and meticulously analyze where a person is in their life. We take time to understand with the wisdom and clarity that we receive spiritually, by research, study, and experience in treatment  to coach you to success even outside of this business!

          Understanding is not received in just one manner or form.

            Everyone's life is unique so there will be unique challenges. We often ought not go through these challenges alone! There are no greater experiences in life than to watch someone overcome a challenge and reach success!!


          We've decided to become and start a community of people who genuinely enjoy the celebration of others! If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, we are grateful to talk to you in our 💡 FREE Discovery Call.

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