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Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

"Maybe we aren't one of the 'lucky' ones." Now, how dare we question the All-knowing!? Little ole us!? Specks of dusts!? Or if you are like myself, when you first began your walk with Christ there is a feeling that there is no way to ask or question God about what He is doing, what His plans are, or curse Him because of the pain. Are we just supposed to be obedient, suck it up, and keep going on? "Maybe we deserved it, it's 'karma'". "Maybe we aren't one of the 'lucky' ones." "Maybe He just does not want me to be happy in my life." All of these thoughts are either ones that have gone through my mind in a...

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Is There A Jesus For Black People?

John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.”… or does it say “For God so loved white people?” I must have missed that part. Our history is littered with artistic depictions of an emaciated white Jesus hanging from crosses in cathedrals and dainty dining rooms all over America. His modesty is kept by a scrap of dainty cloth and his head adorned with a thorny crown hangs low. These images do not scream ‘Mighty Lord and Savior!’. Yet, this white portrayal has been the precipice upon which a ‘master race’ has been born. Because clearly the savior of the human race can’t be anything but Cool Whip-Creamy white! Anyway, I digress. When...

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5 Reasons Spiritual Health Is Effective In Your Everyday Life

      When you are asked to name some dimensions of health, it is fairly easy to answer aspects like Physical, Social, and Financial Health. It’s almost automatic as if we don’t even need more than 5 seconds to list it down. These are the aspects we see and interact with every day. The exposure to its tangibility made its way to our subconscious. However, there is one dimension of health that might have been always overlooked. Can you guess what it is? Spiritual Health. Meaning, faith, morals, and purpose are some words that describe Spirituality but do not define its totality. No matter how you define your Spirituality, we can all agree that it revolves around all our...

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